Nurse Who Used 2 Syringes for 67 Flu Shots Gives Chilling Excuse


The nurse who infamously shared 2 syringes amongst 67 workers for flu shots is now speaking out. And it isn’t making this horrible situation any better. Last fall, the nurse gave a written account, formalizing that she’d done the deed as stated at a workplace. But she claims as her reasoning to be that her Nebraska-based workplace sent her the wrong supplies. And well, I suppose she needed the show to go on, and at least according to, she “did (her) best.”

In a statement she submitted to the N.J. Board of Nursing when she temporarily surrendered her license, Mary Roback claims there were several problems with the supplies earmarked for the flu shot clinic held at West Windsor pharmaceutical company:

  • The company that hired her sent her three 10-dose bottles of vaccine instead of individually pre-filled syringes.
  • Those bottles amounted to just 30 doses – not nearly enough for the number of employees who had signed up.
  • Only two syringes were included.
  • And they were the wrong kind: the type used for insulin injections. The markings along the barrel were in units of insulin, not in millliters – and she didn’t have the training to convert one measurement to the other.

“I did my best to eyeball what I felt was as near to the appropriate does per client,” she said in her first public comments about the episode that made national news. She did use a fresh needle for each patient.


So not only did this nurse share syringes amongst the unsuspecting but she “eyeballed” the doses? How utterly irresponsible is this person? She somehow seems to think the travesty in all of this is that her supply delivery was wrong when really it is her idiocy in continuing to administer the shots unsanitarily and without proper dosages. I already think flu shots are an abomination, but knowing what type of people are being sent out to administer them makes it all a whole lot worse.

But wait, there is more greatness to this ridiculous tale. After the nurse was exposed for blundering the flu shots, the recipients of the shared syringes were told that they needed ANOTHER flu shot. And many of them went right ahead and got one. How could you knowingly re-subject yourself to the vaccine industry after they sent a careless pawn to inject you with unsanitary syringes and “eyeballed” doses? Her statement later goes on to detail how “caring” she is as a nurse. She’s attempting to get her license back.

This should be a lesson to all people considering an office flu shot (should be).