Vice’s Latest Zika Article Is Ridiculously Dumb.


Zika virus is the headline to go with these days. If you listen to the mainstream news, you’d already be hiding out in a doomsday shelter trying to survive Zika’s zombie apocalypse. As one headline gets more outrageous (Zika is now an STD), another headline is being brewed in the fear mongering kettle. This time the steam is spitting out “climate change is causing Zika:” Because of course it is. Attaching your financial agendas is essential to creating “awareness” of your self-interest.

Last night, (of which I am usually entertained tremendously by) went all in reporting in their headline There’s One Thing That Could Make the Zika Virus Much More Dangerous – Climate Change (article). I immediately tried to wrap my head around this headline before even conceding to open the article, but it was too difficult a task (so I opened it). MOST of the article focuses on Zika killing mankind and leaving the earth a barren, cockroach ruled land of chaos and hollowed out strip malls (a full on qualified dystopia). But then by paragraph 5, we got to the point of the headline.

But as the virus spreads, concern isn’t just in the short term: Scientists are also wondering whether climate change helped Zika spread, and how viruses of the future could be amplified in a steadily warming world.


Jonathan Patz, director of the Global Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, noted that not only was 2015 the hottest year on record, but places like Brazil, where the disease began, and Columbia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, where it’s now flourishing, saw record-breaking temperatures last year too.

“It’s way too early to know climate’s contribution to this epidemic,” he said. “However the combination of record hot temperatures and very strong droughts, with a specific mosquito vector that does well with droughts and hot temperatures — they bite more frequently and develop the virus more quickly — begs the question for further investigation.”

So basically, the Vice writer, as well as the director of the Global Health Institute, have no idea regarding this matter. It is essentially a fabricated story being used to push the agenda for climate change policy. This isn’t me condemning climate change, it is more me laughing at agendas attaching themselves to Zika virus with absolutely no intelligible basis whatsoever. Vice writes 5 paragraphs fear mongering Zika in an effort to force content and make the reader think they are reading a real article, only to end up saying “we aren’t really sure at all.” That’s like 1000 words of garbage in action. It is almost a fake article entirely.

What else can we expect from Vice’s future editorials?

Prevent Zika by eating Frito Lay’s Doritos

Vote Walley Bernstein, Little City, Indiana – Prevent Zika!

They couldn’t have possibly thought this wasn’t a stretch and general headline baiting. But they aren’t the only ones. Just maybe at this point they’ve won for worst single article stretching the truth for the sake of an agenda.