Health Officials Say ‘Breastfeeding Movement Encourages Anti-Vaxxers…’


Brisbane obstetrician and former AMA Queensland president Gino Pecoraro wants everyone to stop referring to breastfeeding as “natural.” This unsavory lack of rational, while it sounds as if to be derived from The Onion, is actually very serious. And worse more, this man says referring to breastfeeding as natural, according to an article in couriermail, is fueling the anti vaccination movement as well as encouraging parents to seek “natural alternatives.”

“The rise of the natural parenting brigade is a concern to me,” Dr Pecoraro said. “I see women take dangerous risks during labour because they feel pressured by other mothers online.
“If we hammer home that breastfeeding is the best because it is natural then we could be giving the impression it’s best to avoid drugs or medical advances that can save lives — like vaccinations.
“The word ‘natural’ for breastfeeding is judged and makes it seem easy. Breast is best seemed a better message to me.
“If it is possible to breastfeed then it’s the better option but you are not a failure if you can’t do what is ‘supposed to come naturally’.”

This is almost impossible to fathom, but definitely impossible to assert as a reasonable claim. There are so many things wrong with this assertion that it is impossible to know where to begin; I will however, give it a go.


Breastfeeding is natural, so there is that. I don’t really think we need to expand on that.

Vaccination skepticism has nothing to do with breastfeeding and everything to do with vaccines injuring people or just failing.

Natural alternatives break up pharmaceutical driven agendas.

This entire diatribe is insanely ignorant.