No, There Weren’t ‘355 Mass Shootings’ This Year.

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As many of you have likely already seen, people on social media have been sharing articles regarding mass shooting statistics. The headlines have ranged from the absurdly ridiculous “355 Mass Shootings Have Happened This Year” to “Only 8 Days Have Went By Without A Mass Shooting.” The list could go on. But guess what? It’s a total lie. A fabrication being peddled by liberals desperate to push gun control laws. Certainly your lie detector snuffed this out. I mean, the media fawns all over mass shootings, no way they just let 300+ go to the wayside while they report on local fair food. This all started on The Washington Post, who posted this gem of an article.


I am going to spare you the image they used for the article, which featured a man lighting vigil candles.  Of course, the bleeding heart liberal army took to social media without doing any sort of fact check whatsoever, which is reflective of their usual way of conducting their business. The problem with the article was that the source was a Mass Shooting Tracker which included a good amount of harmless incidents, children shot with pellet guns, and gang related shootings. Taking nothing away from gang related shootings, they certainly aren’t mass shootings as we’ve come to know them. Here is how the Mass Shooting Tracker works, in their own words.


The most obscene incidents of gun violence usually do not make the mainstream news at all. Why? Because their definition is incorrect. The mainstream news meaning of ‘Mass Shooting’ should more accurately be described as ‘Mass Murder.’ The old FBI definition of Mass Murder (not even the most recent one) is four or more people murdered in one event. It is only logical that a Mass Shooting is four or more people shot in one event. Here at the Mass Shooting Tracker, we count the number of people shot rather than the number people killed because, ‘shooting’ means ‘people shot.’

That’s ridiculous.

PolitiFact broke down the reality of the stats for us.

PolitiFact, who ranked Mass Shooting Tracker’s statistical assessment as “half true” noted, “Using 2013, the most recent year for which federal data is available, the Congressional Research Service found 25 mass shooting incidents — far less than the 363 counted by Mass Shooting Tracker.” The Congressional Research Service defines a mass shooting more narrowly as a gun violence incident in public in which 4 or more people are killed in a single event and excludes incidents in which the violence is a “means to an end such as robbery.

25 is a far cry from 355. But wait, USA Today calculated 29 total mass shootings. So what gives? And how could this possibly happen with a major mainstream media source like the Washington Post? The Washington Post is a wing of the liberal Obama administration (a mere mouthpiece). The Post’ headline is outrageous fiction that’s journalistic-ally criminal. Liberals see what they want to see, they avoid facts when facts get in the way. In this case, it is an abomination.

image credit: pixabay