Conan O’brien Segment ‘Accidentally’ Proves Media Is Scripted


A Conan O’brien segment was intended to be funny, but it has turned into more fodder for those who believe that the mainstream media is merely a puppet to the elite, well financed, corporate and government machines. The segments feature news reporters reading teleprompters for segments, but something is extraordinarily absurd: They all have the exact same lines. The Conan show produced the video because they found the humor in it, however, many of us see this as a frightening reality. Whether it be CNN, NBC or the BBC, they all almost seem to be using the same teleprompter.

And here is another one. More proof that the news is scripted.


So then what exactly IS going on? Is there one central headquarter puppeteering the media during times of crisis and times of war? Is this the inception of false flags. If stories as simple as little girl’s birthdays are being read from seemingly the exact same teleprompter, then what do we think is happening during “terrorist attacks?” It would be easy to create false flags using the media, controlling it from a central headquarters.