Nevada County Sets Up Drive-Thru Measles Vaccine Stores

Photo by frankh

You can order a coffee at the drive-thru. You can get a breakfast sandwich at a drive-thru. Well now add measles vaccines to the list of “convenience items” you can get while never even getting out of your car. At least, if you live in Nevada County, California, where a recent case of measles shut down an entire school. According to, the move is a reaction to the school’s shutdown as well as very low vaccination rates that in some places are almost half the population.

Health professionals in Nevada County, California are trying to prevent a measles outbreak by setting up a vaccine drive-thru.

This after a recent scare at an elementary school.


County health officials are using one case of measles, which did not result in death or injury, to create a state of fear. At this rate, vaccination stations will be at every corner. They might as well put them inside of restaurants near the host stands. Don’t be surprised if they don’t use this one case of harmless measles to begin sending health officials door to door. These situations are often used as a nefarious opportunity. There is absolutely no need for anyone to use a drive-thru measles vaccination station.

How many traffic accidents occur per day in Nevada County? What about obesity? There are hundreds of other culturally dangerous items the county could focus on but they instead choose to prop up the pharmaceutical industry. This overreaction is as transparent as it is silly.

Photo by frankh