National Autism Board To Film Festival ‘Censoring Vaxxed Unacceptable’


Andrew Wakefield’s documentary, Vaxxed, which details the CDC’s cover-up of a study which alleges to show a link between the MMR vaccine and Autism, is still making waves. Only this time it is receiving support from the National Autism Board. Vaxxed was originally and under suspicious circumstances removed from the TriBeca Film Festival. Several film festivals followed suit, including, Worldfest Houston Film Festival.

According to Fox26 Houston, Leslie Phillips of the National Autism Board says this film should not be kept from the public.

“To censor a movie that is the admission of the senior sitting scientist at the CDC that they’ve been lying is completely unacceptable,” she said.


Leslie Phillips has two sons on the autism spectrum, one diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and the other with autistic disorder and significant medical issues. Clearly, the people who matter (those who are parents of autistic children and those who provide services to help autistic children) believe the film should, at least, be viewed. Removing the film only furthers the idea that the contents of the documentary are legitimate in some fashion. People and media members supporting the censorship of this movie are unwittingly catering to an increasingly fascist agenda. Media members acting as sponsored state puppets is the first step in creating a Government with autonomous power over messaging and communications.

Reportedly, Wakefield’s movie isn’t a full-on anti-vaccination experience, rather it speaks to the idea of vaccine safety and discloses evidence of a CDC cover-up involving one vaccine. But even that crevice of dissent is enough to wake the powers that be from their champagne slumbers. We are creating out own enslavement. Our country used to be built on the principle of free speech. Over the years, the concept has been degraded consistently.