Mother Faces Child Endangerment Charges For Allowing 4-Year Old To Play Outside Alone

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The issue began when Sonya Hendren’s 4-year old son, Tomahawk Hendren, was playing across the street at a playground said to be located 120 feet away. Sonya is claiming that her son showed signs of being able to handle playing alone in the park, but Child Protective Services did not share this sentiment. According to Fox40, the local Sacramento mother is being charged with child endangerment.

“He was outside and the neighbor called the cops on us,” the boy’s mother, Sonya Hendren, said.

Hendren told FOX40 her 4-year-old son Tomahawk Hendren displayed signs to her that he ready to have some outdoor time alone. She said he would occasionally go outside, within their gated apartment complex, only to return moments later to tell his mom he was OK.


One of those days, two neighbors say they say Tomahawk playing outside, unattended for about 15 to 20 minutes. They talked to him and asked him to go home, but say he told them he wasn’t ready to stop playing yet. They eventually went back in their apartment and called child protective services.

“I just thought she would get a warning, and then she wouldn’t let him be out alone again,” Sonja Horrell said.

She just thought they’d get “a warning?” I believe it is safe to say that this person acted with full knowledge that charges could potentially be filed on the parents. Child Protective Services doesn’t operate under anything other than a gestapo style rule. This all could have been avoided if the concerned person would have simply spoke to the mother, rather than got authorities involved. The mother now faces up to 4 years in prison.

A CPS case is now open and the Tomahawk must remain in visual eyesight at all times while the case is pending. Hendren also noted that she’s essentially free range parenting.

“Of course I love him, I do everything for him. I breastfed for 28 months. I cloth-diapered, you know, obviously I’m avoiding helicopter parenting. I”m doing everything,” Hendren said.

The great debate between helicopter parenting and free range parenting continues to sweep across the nation. CPS clearly has taken a side on the issue and continues to invade the rights of many parents. This overstepping of boundaries on part of the CPS is essentially creating a police state which gives them way too much power. Parents should learn to work more together, rather than create issues and family turmoil.

Hendren has been offered 30 days in jail along with a year of probation, she however has turned it down.

image credit: pixabay