What’s Not Adding Up With ‘Anti-Vax’ Mom & Her Pharma Shill Video



As a parent, there is nothing worse than have a sick child, particularly a child who needs to be hospitalized. The stress can be enormous. It can also fill us with regret and cause us to blame ourselves, even in ways that might not be accurate. Gold Coast Health of Australia posted a video of Cormit Avital holding her daughter Eva, who is said to be hospitalized with Pertussis. The awkward video almost sounds as though it is a hostage video as Avital expresses “regret” over not having had the Pertussis vaccine while pregnant. It even has been edited with music, as well as the hospital’s preroll advertisement.

Eva is set to be released from the hospital this week, which isn’t mentioned in the video. Other items remaining unclear: Avital had Pertussis seemingly while pregnant and remained contagious nearly 12 weeks later? If she was tested for it (and that’s not known), did the hospital take any precautions when Eva was born? Was test performed on Cormit again, seeing she had this previous history of Pertussis? Did she breastfeed to help boost Eva’s immune system?


Something about this whole thing seems like an overdramatization by health officials more than a video of actual regret. It isn’t my position to judge her compassion, however, when you create propaganda for pharmaceutical companies which seemingly is coordinated by medical officials (see where the post is derived), I’d expect you to post all the details. In this case, a lot seems conveniently left out. If this video had been about a vaccine injured baby, it wouldn’t have ended up with a half a million of views.


Cormit‘If I could turn back time I would protect myself.’ Cormit’s baby has contracted Whooping Cough. Watch this clip to hear the first-time mum bravely talk about her decision to opt out of vaccination during pregnancy and how hard it is now coping with her new baby being so unwell. For the facts on Immunisation go to http://bit.ly/1PJ6Cc0. #vaccinationmatters #immunisation #preventabledisease #GoldCoast #publichealth

Posted by Gold Coast Health on Monday, April 4, 2016