Mom Cuffed, Arrested, Beaten For Letting Child Drive Golf Cart On Vacation


Julie Mall went on a family vacation to Bald Head Island in North Carolina. A high-end resort that offers guest a luxury beach experience. Unless of course, you allow your 11-year old son to harmlessly drive a golf cart a couple of blocks with no traffic (all while you are with him).

According to Mall, she was pinned to the ground by officers and relentlessly accused of being intoxicated. She eventually was placed in leg iron shackles and ordered onto a police ferry in front of the public, humiliation style. She was left bruised and emotionally distraught on what was to be the second day of a beautiful vacation.

Mall has readily admitted that she was initially wrong for allowing an underage kid to operate the golf cart vehicle which requires a license and a persons of at least age 16. But where she becomes confused is by the vile, overly aggressive behavior by the police officers who subjugated and humiliated her. Mall’s only prior is a speeding ticket. She’s also been a frequent guest of the resort, known by many as a relatively laid back place.


According to an article from the Kansas City Star, the situation erupted into complete chaos.

An officer came up to the cart that was carrying her, her husband, Scott Mall, 45, their 11-year-old son Josh and 9-year-old daughter Erin, her niece Stephanie Phelps, 22, of Chapel Hill and Rocket, their Golden Retriever.

“Immediately he started berating us,” she says. “He was saying ‘How old is this kid?’ ‘Are you guys drunk?’ ‘I could write you up for child abuse.’ ”

Mall says she had no more than a single glass of wine with dinner hours earlier, and no one was intoxicated.

As the officer’s tirade continued, she says, her son burst into tears. She asked her niece to take the children back to the cottage.

‘You ought to be ashamed’

Mall says after the sobbing children left, she told the officer she was angry that he had upset them unnecessarily. “I said, ‘You ought to be ashamed of yourself,’ and I stuck my finger in his face.”

She says the officer didn’t have a citation book with him, so he radioed for someone to bring him one. A second police vehicle arrived, and later a third.

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