Melinda Gates Attacks Anti-Vaxxers


“We just need to dispel fears with data,” Melinda Gates starts off. She goes on to say that if you “believe in all children being healthy, then we all have a moral obligation to get vaccinated.” This woman and her husband, Bill Gates, have donated billions of dollars into vaccines. Why haven’t they donated that same money into cleaning up third world sewage, which is the real cause of polio? This interview is very smug. The entire video slams anti-vaccination but I’ve linked you to only the part that begins with her.

Speaking of the safety of children, the USA is recognized as the leader in vaccinations world wide. So how about this data Mrs. Satan? According to the Washington Post, its a national embarassment. Data.. Mrs. Gates.. Data.




Here is the entire interview:

We have to be very cautionary with this woman, her foundation is literally powering the world’s legislation at this juncture. ¬†She’s the main force behind the proliferation of vaccinations. We may one day live in a world of fully forced vaccinations for everyone and she will be queen of that world.

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