McDonalds To Add This New Ingredient To Their Chicken McNuggets

Photo by uravms

McDonald’s is blaming “changing tastes” for their drop in revenue over the past many years. It almost seems as if they have completely missed society coming around to a much less obtuse perspective when it comes to food.

The super fast food chain has done everything to coax people to come back in, even going as far as putting green vegetables on their signage inside the store. I sometimes feel like I am in a garden that smells like “special sauce” and “white flour” and “salt” anytime I’ve had to trek inside there (relax, I’ve been coffee desperate, it happens).

So now, according to, McDonalds wants to change their McNuggets to be tastier. They are calling the change “simpler” and something “parents can feel good about.” They won’t provide much in details past that, leading to my fancy speculation that the new ingredient is …… wait for it ….. Chicken!


How exciting, after decades of serving Chicken McNuggets, the corporate geniuses have decided that the time has come to finally make them out of actual chicken.

McDonald’s said it was getting feedback from customers with the McNuggets test, and did not say when it planned to launch the new recipe nationwide in the US.
Last week, McDonald’s said sales rose 5.4% at established US locations during the first three months of the year.

Be careful McDonalds PR team, sales probably rose due to closing a lot of stores that were tanking. But again, thanks for the real chicken, I feel better now.

Photo by uravms