Massachusetts Dumps Common Core.

common core
Photo by woodleywonderworks

Massachusetts has rejected the test based on Common Core standards. This is a huge blow to Common Core proponents who remain vigilant that the ridiculous standard which commonly irritates parents, teachers and students alike, is good for national education standards. The state will now develop its own exams to measure student acumen and progress. The specific test rejected by the state is known as the Parcc test and is based on Common Core standards. It remains being used in other states.

For those who reject Common Core, the great news here is that this rejection of Common Core was due to bipartisan pressure. Both the left and the right reject the idea, which makes continuing Common Core onward a difficult task. Parents also put a lot of pressure on the state to take back their rights and reject the standard. Common Core is an impressive example of ridiculous Government overreach.

Massachusetts has a proposed ballot initiative that could repeal common core all together, which is a story we plan to watch as things progress in the state. In terms of the bigger picture, Massachusetts is considered a leader in the field of education and possesses a good amount of influence nationwide, so this move certainly bodes well for states all across the nation looking to dump this Government standard and overreach. As parents, our frustration with this ridiculous Obama national standard is at an all time high. It is good to see some “common” sense starting to set in around the country.


Check out the PBS interview with New York Times reporter Kate Zernike for more on this story.

Photo by woodleywonderworks