Man Cures His Leukemia With This Simple Tea


Pharmaceutical companies commonly attempt to trample on any alternative health practices, particularly when those practices are linked with curing cancer. Cancer is a billion dollar industry for pharma. One might even call it their life-blood. Cancer is a rampant illness that encompasses the entire world and knows no cultural or age boundaries. So long as people get sick and die from cancer, pharmaceutical companies are in a stronghold financial position. Pharma’s global dominance with chemotherapy and radiation is unrivaled and they intend to keep it that way.

However, over the years, alternative health practices aimed at curing cancer have made progress. People are beginning to realize that chemotherapy’s ghoulish treatment regimens can’t be the only solution we, the people, have. How is it that a billion dollar industry has in no way found any sort of cure or even a more humane treatment? Chemotherapy not only makes billions of dollars treating new cancer cases, but it is also said to preserve future cases by destroying both good and bad cells. In other words, chemotherapy may “stop” cancer momentarily, but the overall destruction of cells lends itself to cancer’s repeat visit in the future. In other words, pharma’s cancer solution is a cyclical customer creation strategy. New cancer customers are created and milked for longevity.

In 2012, Researchers in Windsor, Ont. received a little-publicized grant of $157,000. In terms of research grants, the money was good (not great). But it was more than usual considering the grant was to be used for an alternative health cancer treatment. When considering that perspective, the grant was hugely amazing. The actual end total for the grant came to be $257,000. Siyaram Pandey, a biochemist at the University of Windsor, was to use the grant money to further his belief that dandelion root was highly efficient at stopping and curing cancer. His main focus was on a form of cancer known as chronic monocytic myeloid leukemia. He claimed the dandelion root forced the cancer to, well, commit suicide. He needed the grant money because he was sure that with more research, he could prove his concept. But even he wasn’t 100% sold on the concept, according to


Pandey admits he was skeptical when he was first approached by local oncologist, Dr. Caroline Hamm, who was curious about cancer patients who had been drinking dandelion tea and seemed to be getting better.

“To be honest I was very pessimistic,” Pandey said in a statement. “She said it could be coincidental but it couldn’t hurt to see if there is anything.”

One of the main concerns was that the dandelion root could do just as much harm as it could do good. Its powers could be used for evil just as much it could be used to save a person’s life. There was also another bold concern on the table: the dandelion root treatment could interact dangerously with chemotherapy. Through research, they’d later confirm Pandey’s initial synopsis that the dandelion root could, in fact, cure this specific cancer. Then there is the case of John DiCarlo. A man whose life went from a dark tragedy to a happy fairy tale after consuming the dandelion tea. DiCarlo drank the tea while also making sure his will was properly prepared. He was likely making funeral arrangments. But then, according to, something strange happened: DiCarlo was cured.

John DiCarlo, 72, was admitted to hospital three years ago with leukemia. Even after aggressive treatment, he was sent home to put his affairs in order with his wife and four children.

The cancer clinic suggested he try the tea. Four months later, he returned to the clinic in remission. He has been cancer free for three years.

He said his doctor credits the dandelions.

“He said, ‘You are doing pretty good, you aren’t a sick man anymore’,” DiCarlo told CBC News in February.

You will hear that this is “anecdotal evidence” and that “some cancers naturally go into remission.” This man was in his 70s, he wasn’t exactly a young buck. And he’d been through all of Pharma’s treatments several times, so then if this cancer were naturally set to go into remission, why didn’t that occur during those aggressive treatments? This man is unlikely the luckiest man alive, rather, he applied an alternative health proven effective in past cases. The dandelion root cured his cancer.

Now comes the biggest question of all, how do you make this magical dandelion root tea? It just isn’t super complicated. has this simple recipe listed: Add Roasted Dandelion Root powder. Maintain heat at a bare simmer, be sure not to boil. 4. Let the roots steep this way for 45 minutes.

And then there is this video under BeautifulGirlByDana on Youtube that can also help.


In the end, the truth is certainly out there, we all just have to open our eyes.