‘Let’s Just Find Out The Truth’ Robert De Niro Pleads For Vaccine Safety


As we continue to focus on Robert De Niro’s vaccine safety clip from the Today Show, we bring you this clip, when you begin to see more concern from De Niro. The host questions if De Niro believes there is a link in spite of scientific evidence. De Niro responds, as have many here, “There is a link, it’s much more complicated than that.” He then mentions Thimerasol and pleads “Let’s just find out the truth, I am not anti-vaccine, I am pro-safe vaccine.”

We have written about Thimerasol in our post about the other movie recommended Trace Amounts:

The film discusses issues such as why Thimerasol was removed from pet vaccines but not removed from the ones given to people. It talks about mercury being the second most poisonous substance on earth for people. It also shows that Thimerosal isn’t even needed in single vaccines at all.


Robert De Niro is also scheduled to be on Jimmy Fallon this Friday 4/15/2016! Be sure to check it out in your time zone and see if he is allowed to speak about vaccine safety again.
Here is the clip: