Leslie Phillips Tells Of Child’s Vaccine Autism Story & Breaks My Heart


Leslie Phillips, of the National Autism Board, has two children on the Autism spectrum. In an interview in 2012, Leslie tells the story of how vaccines changed her children’s lives and her own life. After her son was vaccinated, Leslie says his “GI health began to deteriorate.” These stories continue to break my heart. I noticed Leslie’s interview only had 600 views at the time of my posting it. I feel it deserves more attention.

Leslie talks about her son’s dramatic changes after the vaccines. Leslie now sits on the board of Directors for the National Autism Board. She occasionally writes for the site (here).


Leslie recently told Fox26 news in Houston regarding the censorship of the documentary, Vaxxed, “To censor a movie that is the admission of the senior sitting scientist at the CDC that they’ve been lying is completely unacceptable,” she said.