Lawsuit: Toddler’s death during dental work was part of Medicaid scheme


Daisy Lynn Torres, a 14-month old toddler who passed away last March due to complications during a dental procedure, already had many people suspicious of the Dentist’s decision-making process. Well now, according to Daisy’s family, those suspicions may well be validated.

A new lawsuit by the family claims the toddler’s death was related to a procedure to milk Medicaid of money. The dental office located in Austin, called Austin Children’s Dentistry, is named in the lawsuit.

According to, Daisy’s family is now seeking justice.


“We haven’t heard much, so we are kind of just taking action here, getting some answers so we can get some justice going on,” said Elizandro Torres, Daisy Lynn’s father. “We want this to be heard so that it doesn’t happen again.”

The girl’s mother, Betty Squire, claims that the dentist, Dr. Michael Melanson, told her that he discovered more complications with her daughter’s teeth during the procedure. He claimed Daisy had four more cavities than the two he’d originally diagnosed. On that particular day, a mobile anesthesiologist was already on site prior to Daisy’s complications, which is noted in the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Williams “did not describe or explain the procedure that would be performed.”

“It’s not fair. There needs to be justice. Her life was cut short due to someone’s greed and negligence,” said Squier.