Largest Fine Ever Issued By A Chinese Court


Big Pharma, those big cuddly teddy bears that are just trying to help us all get better, apparently tried using bribes to make that “help” even more efficient.

ABC News is reporting:

China has fined the British pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline(GSK) $488.8 million (3 billion Yuan) for a “massive bribery network” to get doctors and hospitals to use its products. Five former employees were sentenced to two to four years in jail, but ordered deported instead of imprisoned, according to state news agency Xinhua today.


The court gave  Mark Reilly, former head of GSK Chinese operations, a three-year prison sentence with a four-year reprieve, which meant he is set to be deported instead of serving his time in a Chinese jail. His co-defendants received two to four years prison sentences with reprieves.

Reilly was accused of operating a “massive bribery network” in May. The police said it is believed Reilly authorized his salespeople to pay doctors, hospital officials and health institutions to use GSK’s products since 2009.

This was the largest fine ever issued by a Chinese Court. Congrats GSK, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Please tell me more how my kids should be vaccinated, on Ritalin and how I need to take Prozac so I can love everyone more. At least, China did something about it, the US more or less seems to just encourage the relationships Big Pharma has with Doctors. And it is using Pro-Vaxers and parents of medicated kids to lobby for them. How on earth is it OK for a pharmaceutical company to essentially encourage medications for people’s ailments? The joke continues….