Jim Carrey’s Inspiring Message To The World Will Warm Your Heart

image credit: youtube

“Once you realize you’re complete, then this life and everything in it becomes a play of form”

I could listen to this every morning and it wouldn’t be enough. I love this man, not just for his fearlessness for expressing discontent with pharmaceutical companies, but also for his intuitive spirit. Everyone should give this a listen.


We live in a world that is deceptive and greed oriented. The human race can often appear from the outside to be a savage beast that eats its own. But the human spirit often prevails, we just tend to miss it because we are focused on all the negative things. Humans can be kind and gentle and empathetic. We may struggle, but we are resilient. We can change the world with one positive thought at a time. Your perception is the essence of your very existence. The way you choose to think about your surroundings can often influence how you feel about yourself and others. Lets be the change we want to see. Lets live in the world we know exist. We have that power.