Jill Stein Agrees To Give Presidential Nom To Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders fans it may not be over yet..

According to an article posted on Politico, Jill Stein, the presumptive presidential nominee of the Green Party, said she’d be willing to forgo a second consecutive Green Party nomination and let Sanders take over the group’s leadership mantle.

While this may seem like a crazy idea it isn’t too far fetched. Bernie Sanders identified for most of his poilitcal career as an Independent (1979-2015). He is still listed as an Independent on many official documents but has always caucused with Democrats and, of course, ran for President in the Democratic Party.


Over the course of the last few days, everything has been disrupted in the Democratic Party. There is an overall consensus that Sanders was not given a fair chance to obtain the nomination. The Wikileaks.org email dump has sent politics into chaos.

Could Bernie re-evaluate his options and decide to run on the Green Party ticket? After the email scandal, the rigged system,  and the amazing show of support for Sanders in Philadelphia at the convention, nothing should surprise you at this point.

Photo by Phil Roeder