Jenny McCarthy Blasts Out Her Review Of #Vaxxed To Twitter


Jenny McCarthy, noted autism activist and actress, took to her twitter account to post her feelings after seeing the movie, Vaxxed:From Coverup to Conspiracy this weekend in Chicago. Jenny also brought along her famous husband Donnie Wahlberg. After seeing the movie, Jenny fired out this amazing tweet to her 1.4 million twitter supporters:

“Find this movie – watch it – then remember this is the United $ of America where dollars talk & gov’t listens”

Great to see her enlighting her followers and tweeting out this fantastic review of the movie. With the age of social media taking over for traditional newspaper and mainstream media, these reviews and recommendations are extremely vital for the message of the movie to spread.


Clearly in this message, she questions the profits of the drug companies being of more important than the safety of the children to the Government of the United States.

Thanks, Jenny! Keep spreading the message!



Tweet is also embedded at the bottom of this post.

image credit: Twitter/JennyMccarthy