Iceland Sternly Warned Of ‘Noisy’ Anti-Vaxxers by Epidemiologist



Iceland Health officials are trying to solve a puzzle, but the pieces simply aren’t falling into place as easily as they’d prefer. The puzzle? How to stop the anti-vaccination movement which continues to grow in the country. Like other countries around the world, subjugating those who choose to not vaccinate their children, or even themselves, is a high priority. However, Iceland is finding a similar theme to other countries around the world, which is that affluent, educated people are making the more difficult decision to not vaccinate. When I say “more difficult,” it should be noted that I’m asserting that choosing not to vaccinate can in most cases, create a pariah out of an otherwise sane person. The choice being difficult is something which most Governments have leaned on in prior years, but it seems encouraging that the gig of being intimidated by our neighbors and PTA officials has begun to go to the wayside.

Icelandic website, Visir, is reporting that a former State Epidemiologist named Haraldur Briem is warning Iceland that the anti-vaccination movement must be stopped. He’s offering the country deceptive ways to deal with people who don’t support vaccination, who he terms as “quite noisy.” Although he qualifies the group as “small,” he feels that their loud voices is a contentious opposition that needs to be subjugated. This is a translated version of his statements to Icelandic health officials.


“Trying to reach advocates with some kind of scientific background to make a credible opposition. All vaccines are said to be insecure and useless, if not harmful, “he said. Important to discuss things in a balanced way Gudnason said epidemiologist important to continue to increase education about vaccination. Take no part in discussions about vaccination with deliberate. “We have tried to answer in public when it comes like this dispute. Have made it in the media and elsewhere. Opinion and support people in this country, however, is very great. So this is a small group, but it can be noisy. I think you should not be proud to have a lot of these people. One should try to listen and participate in the debate, did not come out with something offensively and be an eternal war,…

Briem’s communications are nothing short of manipulative and nefarious. He essentially request that people “keep their enemies close,” for all intents and purposes. It isn’t as if he ask that people try to understand one another, instead, asking that staunch pro-vaxxers keep a cordial line of communication open. In some ways, he promotes spying. Clearly, he isn’t interested in resolving the matter in a cordial manner as he demeans anyone who doesn’t support vaccination by terming them “small” and “noisy.”

Iceland’s vaccination rates are actually high at 95%, but the growing discontent with pharmaceutical companies is threatening this number. More and more people, worldwide, are communicating using social media sites such as ours and learning the truths of what’s actually happening. Iceland is being encouraged to train people to “encourage” vaccinations. Just like in the United States, they will treat it with the same marketing intellect which is used to market products such as Coca-Cola and Cold Medicine. They learn someone who doesn’t want to vaccinate’s weakness and then expose it with savvy marketing. This is the world with which we live in now. Keep your guard up.

While this message may seem discouraging, it is actually positive in terms of the movement for vaccine choice. When governments are being forced to use manipulation tactics and hold meetings over the matter, that tells you that the situation is combative and grinding for them. They can’t silence all of us. Truth Kings has grown fast and while anti-forced-vaccination is merely one of our issues, we do know that it is an issue which has fueled our growth.