Houston Dentist ‘Chemically and Physically Suffocates 4-Year Old Girl’

image credit: gofundme

A Houston family is filing a lawsuit against a dentist they claim ‘chemically and physically suffocated’ their 4-year old daughter. Nevaeh Hall suffered severe brain damage and multiple seizures after going in for what was to be a simple procedure. Instead, the Dentist used a controversial restraint called a papoose and sedated her. The restraint, which many feels is dangerous, is supposed to prevent the child from interfering with the procedure. According to Houston-based, KHOU, the little girl was “tortured” and her parents were informed in the waiting room.

Records reviewed by an independent dentist show that Navaeh was given multiple sedatives: “sedated in the office for over seven hours, given five sedatives for a routine dental procedure that should have been done and over by mid morning.”

The child had been placed in a commonly-used restraint device called a papoose. The device confines the child’s arms and legs so they can’t interfere with the dental procedure.


“And I can tell you that this chart shows you that this child was essentially tortured,” said Moriarty holding a printout of the oxygen, blood pressure, and pulse measurements recorded during the visit.


If this sounds disturbing to you, you aren’t the only one. And this isn’t the first time this device has received negative press. Back in July of 2015, another dentist in Georgia was called out for using the papoose.

A Georgia dentistry practice that’s under fire for using a restraint device on a child is defending its use of the so-called papoose board, saying every parent signs a consent form and is allowed to stay with the child during a procedure.

“[The] guideline is, if the child is moving a lot or crying or kicking, we get the parents and take parent to the back and tell them what’s going on,” Office Manager Felicia Evans of Smiles R Us in Carrolton, Georgia, told ABC News today.

James Crow and his mother, Evelyn Crow, told ABC affiliate WSB-TV in Atlanta they were horrified to find his 5-year-old daughter Elizabeth in the device when she went to have a tooth pulled. Evelyn Crow told the station she and her son heard Elizabeth shouting before finding her in the exam room strapped to the restraint device.

“I couldn’t see my kid in the body bag just strapped down to the bed; I couldn’t handle it,” James Crow told WSB-TV.