Hospital Tells Visitors Get Flu Shot or Wear Masks


If you are a visitor at Waikato Hospital in New Zealand and you haven’t had a flu shot, prepare to be forced to wear a blue mask before you can enter the building.

Waikato District Health Board chief executive Nigel Murray forceful new policy is one he says he well founded in the logic of protecting the hospital. This might indicate that he has yet to read the flu shot’s failure rate, or that he mindlessly falls in line with pharmaceutical pandering and bribery; but it remains if you need to see your dad during a bout with kidney failure, well, make sure you comply with flu shot regulations first.

According to a New Zealand publication, the mask are also pretty pricey.


The masks, estimated to cost $3000 to cover the season, will be supplied at the entrances of each hospital and ward and will operate on an “honour system”. Proof of vaccination is not required, but people are expected to wear them if they haven’t had their shot.
Murray said the visitor policy came about after staff feedback.
“Influenza is a potentially serious viral infection that’s much worse than a cold and can be severe enough to require hospital treatment. Around 400 people die each year in New Zealand from influenza,” he said.

No word on who manufacturers the mask, but something tells me it is likely that pharma is profiting on both sides of this deal.

I don’t understand how someone could possibly feel OK asking someone if they’d had their flu shot when they have arrived to see their relative who was just in a serious accident. Flu shots are one of the most egregious pharmaceutical scams we’ve ever seen. The irony that we must force people to take them isn’t lost on this writer.