Holistic Doctor Struck And Killed On Evening Bike Ride


Dr.  John A. Harsch, 59, of Hampton, a beloved Holistic Doctor at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists, was struck and killed by a 2002 Infinity while out on a group ride. Harsch is the only victim (or even injury) of the group. He was struck in the back. He was pronounced dead after being taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

According to CBS46.

Around 6:40 p.m., Henry County First Responders and TRAFFIC Units responded to a serious accident with injuries involving a 2002 Infinity and a bicyclist.


The bicyclist, John A. Harsch, 59, of Hampton sustained serious injuries and was pronounced dead after being taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

The tragedy has not been ruled an accident or foul play so far though authorities are citing vehicle was negotiating a curve at the time Harsch was struck. Investigators are reconstructing the accident. They are having tests done on the driver’s blood and they will present the findings to a grand jury to see if charges are warranted. Harsch was well known for his motto of avoiding pharmaceutical solutions whenever possible and his holistic, alternative approaches. He was an avid cyclist who took up cycling ten years prior as a way to improve his health. He was named one of Atlanta’s top Doctors eight times.

Harsch’s medical bio includes an appeal to use less pharmaceutical solutions.

From his examination rooms, you will hear phrases like “Less medicine is the best medicine.” Even though he spends a large portion of time writing prescriptions, his biggest goal is to help people become healthy enough so they no longer need the prescription. You might also hear something like, “You can’t have a complication from surgery that you help yourself avoid.” This kind of rhetoric is sage advice from a doctor whose most gratifying experiences occur when seeing a patient’s health improve by what they did for themselves.

Friends and patients remembered Harsch on social media.

Had a big shock while signing in at my doctors off this morning. I found out that my doctor of 25 years, Dr. John…

Posted by Gordon Maxson on Thursday, April 7, 2016