Holistic Doctor Found Dead in Hawaii

image credit: facebook.com/jamiezmd/

31 year old holistic MD Jamie Zimmerman was found dead in Hawaii. What is being called a “freak accident” has some shaking their heads due to the growing list of holistic physicians dying in odd accidents. Many believe the Pharmaceutical mafia has had just about enough of holistic practitioners cutting into their big profits.

It is said that she slipped on some rocks in Hawaii.

We don’t want to be a party to assumptions here, that’s for sure, but it becomes more and more difficult to ignore these deaths. Pharmaceutical companies stand to lose incredible amounts of revenue if / when the truth of so many cures and treatments are exposed. Right now, the general public has only pharmaceutical companies to turn to when it comes to sickness. But that is changing. A growing expose’ of holistic Doctors and alternative websites are making a lot of headway in the sphere of treatments and cures. Publicity is growing. Health care cost are rising and people are looking for better solutions. Things like Chemo are back breaking to patients.


Rest in Peace and thanks for all your amazing work!

Just before #meditation, a #rainbow. #gratitude for this rooftop, this weather and this practice- and to @the.path for hosting this eve!

Posted by Jamie Zimmerman, M.D. onĀ Wednesday, August 12, 2015