Was Chipotle Sabotaged By Biotech Industry? (And Get A Free Burrito Inside)


Free is good but is it sometimes too good (to be true?). Today is the day that Chipotle is closed for business all over the country. A lot of people are really upset over this because for many, Chipotle offers a cleaner dining experience. Sans their sodas, they are a GMO-free company now (mostly). But was their push to advertise and market as an anti-GMO dining experience the reason behind all their recent troubles? According to Natural News, that’s the exact reason for all of this.

On December 23 of last year, I wrote about the likelihood of bioterrorism as the cause of Chipotle’s E. coli problem, pointing out that corporate sabotage was 100% consistent with the actions of the biotech industry and its criminal-minded “mafia” of operatives (seeMonsantoMafia.com for a list of all the “mafia” members). That article was predictably downplayed by the mainstream media, whose journalists remain absolutely clueless about the death threats, censorship, defamation and other dirty tactics routinely used by biotech industry shills to silence opposition.

Even the CDC could not narrow down E. coli to an ingredient source

To investigate the E. coli problem, the CDC investigated each food ingredient and each food source in order to try to find one common cause for the E. coli contamination. But all their tests turned up negative. The stunning upshot of this is that E. coli wasn’t found in any food source from a supplier.


The Natural News article is definitely worth your time to read. That said, maybe do it after you easily score your free burrito.


In all honestly, I have not trusted the situation at Chipotle since the story of E. Coli first broke.
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