Mom Of Vaccine Injured Daughter Says ‘It’s Not Just About Autism’


“Choosing not to vaccinate is not just about autism,” reads one of the signs being held up by Ella’s mother. The short clip tells Ella’s sad vaccine injury story through a series of poster boards. Ella encountered and endured numerous side effects from vaccines and now her mother wants the world to know what really happens. She wants everyone to know what the real risk involved are.

Autism is only one risk incured when you vaccinate your child. There are many more risks involved for children who are forced to vaccinate by parents and pediatricians and day cares.  Autoimmune conditions, seizures, transverse myelitis, encephalitis, anaphylaxis, SIDS, just to name a few potential vaccine injuries. Ella’s mother has one sign which points out how difficult medical exemptions are to come by, you practically have to be already vaccine injured in order to get one. This is a sad state of affairs we live with today.