Health Officials Are Attempting To Spray Homeless For Zika


According to ABCNews, Florida Health Officials are now zoned in on the homeless community regarding the “Zika outbreak,” claiming they pose a high risk for trasmitting the illness due to their exposure to the outside elements.

“Since they’re homeless they reside 24/7 out in the elements, so they’re exposed to mosquitoes 24/7,” James Barnet of the Miami Police Department told ABC News today, emphasizing the importance of helping the homeless in the community to prevent Zika.

“Many of the homeless are transient,” Barnet added, highlighting the potential risks of spreading the virus.


Cans of bug repellent were handed out to homeless people living in or near the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami. One homeless man told ABC’s local affiliate, WPLG, that he was using a dangerous form of repellent in order to protect himself. “I use bleach and alcohol at night time before I go to bed on my skin. It burns the skin, but it keeps the mosquitoes off.”

Residents and business owners in Florida are now realizing the fallout that will happen due to increased publicity of outbreak fears. Businesses are losing money. Airlines are allowing people to avoid change fees in order to get them out. Hotels are canceling rooms for free. Tourism is tanking and many people are simply too afraid to go outside. Currently, 15 total people have Zika. The links between Zika and Microcephaly are not proven, they are simply correlation in one country. Theories also exist that bug sprays are the cause.

Photo by Fran Urbano