Obama & Cigna Health Insurance To Create ‘Heroin Wasteland’ For Us All


According to Reuters, Cigna Health Insurance is about to fuel heroin use all over the country by cutting out opioid prescription.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Health insurer Cigna Corp plans to cut its customers’ prescriptions for opioid treatments by 25 percent over the next three years, putting its weight behind a U.S. government battle against addictive pain killers.
Cigna, whose plan to be acquired by Anthem Inc would make it part of the nation’s largest health insurer, said on Thursday it is backing efforts by state governments to require doctors to check state databases for high-risk customers before prescribing opioid drugs for longer than 21 days.
U.S. President Barack Obama earlier this year asked Congress for $1.1 billion in new funding over two years to expand treatment for a spreading heroin and prescription pain killer epidemic.

The problem here is that opioid addicts who can’t get their prescriptions filled turn to heroin, hence the really massive nationwide heroin issue. By simply cutting out the prescriptions with no actual plan to help, Cigna and the medical professionals who originally sponsored the opioid prescribing fiasco in return for billions in profits leave the rest of us to deal with a wasteland. Was this part of Obama’s billion dollar plan? If so, it is radically incorrect in terms of approach. But what is new when it comes to the United States “war on drugs?” The entire system is built on profits (pharma, prisons) and then just leaving the scene of the crime and allowing the rest of us to figure it out.


But hey, that’s what a billion dollars is apparently going to get us so we should just smile and be happy.

Communities all over the country are dealing with chaotic heroin epidemics and pharmaceutical companies, Obama and doctors are nowhere to be found when it comes to helping remedy the situation they created. It is irresponsible to not formulate a plan to help those who will clearly seek out fulfillment of their addiction in place of losing their supply. Billions of dollars and yet no help?¬†Obama And Cigna Will Create ‘Heroin Wasteland’ Of Sickness and Death