Massive Fluoride Chemical Spill In NY, People Told To KEEP DRINKING Anyways.

Photo by Blomstrom

It baffles me that after the Flint, Michigan situation that anyone would trust our health officials under any circumstances. As is the case with a chemical spill which has happened at the Mohawk Valley Water Authority in Trenton, N.Y. According to

TRENTON, N.Y. — Crews look into what caused a chemical spill at the Mohawk Valley Water Authority in Trenton.

The Executive Director says there was a hazmat situation at the site yesterday afternoon, after a large amount of hydrofluorosilicic acid leaked. 


According to the EPA, the chemical is used as fluoride in drinking water.

We’re told the drinking water is safe, and there is no threat to the public or employees.

So there is a massive fluoride leak, the hazmat team was called in to clean up the mess, but there is no threat at all to the community of people who rely on the water for drinking and showering? Something seems incredibly suspect with this story. I can tell you 100% that I’d never drink any water where a hazmat team was cleaning up a massive fluoride spill. I already avoid the normal fluoride laden tap water sources, I can’t imagine actually doubling or tripling down on the chemical consumption. This is your typical “there is nothing to see here” response team communications.

Flint, Michigan should serve as a prime example of how little all government agencies care about our health and personal welfare. Our communities are consistently exposed to criminal levels of fluoride toxic waters as the default standard. If they had to have a hazmat team on site to manage the situation, what on earth does that say about the source of the water? Most likely they’ve infected it with fluoridation levels past the already “acceptable” dangerous levels.

Photo by Blomstrom