This Is What Happens To Your Body After Drinking 1 Cup of Coffee


I enjoy coffee. In fact, I prefer espresso. But I have to admit, I have contemplated, as well as attempted, stopping caffeine completely. Yes, this means even eliminating green tea.

Coffee has been shown to help prevent cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s. Moderate amounts of coffee have also been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease chances. When taken black, it doesn’t possess sugar loads. What it does do, however, is spike the stress hormone cortisol which can cause hunger (well after the last drop of coffee made way into your body), increased anxiety, insomnia, and belly fat.

Shortly after your first sip of coffee goes down the hatch, your heart rate increases. Your blood pressure rises. You feel a bit of an energy surge. 20 minutes later, you’re on cloud nine, feeling high, buzzed, and happy. By the half hour mark, adrenaline begins to make way into the body.


What else? Well, watch this video and find out. Remember, no one is saying coffee is bad (no reason to throw eggs at oweb pageage), we are just saying it is always worth having the facts. Coffee is a very personal situation.