Georgia Mother Beats Daughter On Facebook Live As Punishment


A Georgia mother used Facebook Live to beat her daughter as punishment for “having sex in her house and posting sexual photos and videos on Facebook” Facebook soon after removed the video, but a copy was uploaded to Youtube.

Taking over her 16-year-old daughter’s Facebook page, Shanavia Miller yelled into the camera: “I’mma need you to make this viral, please, share this. Because I’m not done.” She used Nia’s Facebook account to broadcast the beating. The stream went on for 5 minutes. Shanavia referred to her daughter as “nasty as hell.”

The video is extremely graphic.


Shanavia later justified the beating on Nia’s account.


Following that, Nia also justified the abuse.


Of course, that final post sounds more like a hostage video than it does a sincere apology.

This is exactly how the cycle of violence and abuse is perpetuated. This isn’t parenting, its abuse. Parenting is a long game of teaching, not intermittent moments of fear inducing abuse and humiliation. Nia says in the post that she had to go to the hospital. This isn’t “tough parenting” as some parents have claimed, it is lazy parenting.