French Anti-Anxiety Trial Drug Leaves 1 Brain Dead, 5 Hospitalised

image credit: pixabay

In what has to be the most unbelievably disturbing circumstances of the week, five people have been hospitalised and one left brain dead after 90 people were given a new anti-anxiety trial drug in France. According to Yahoo!.

Six volunteers were taken to hospital last week after taking part in the Phase I trial of a new medication meant to treat mood disorders such as anxiety, developed by Portuguese pharmaceutical company Bial.

[Health Minister] Touraine said the men, aged between 28 and 49, were part of a group of around 90 people who had taken the drug, while about 30 others had received a placebo.


The volunteers were given various doses of the new medication which Bial hopes to get approved. Here’s the key component, the six men who suffered injury were taking it regularly. Touraine called the event “unprecedented.”

Well, this is little more than human experimentation at its finest. All of these people were previously deemed completely healthy and then had their lives ruined by a pill pitching itself to resolve anxiety. We live in a medicate first world. The pharmaceutical company experimented on people. They will suffer hardly any notable consequences over this travesty. It will be business as usual. Prior to this, animals and human cells in petri dishes were tested. Clearly, that wasn’t incredibly reliable.

Of course, there is even more bad news.

The research company conducts its Phase I trials at a 150-bed facility in Rennes and also in Newark, New Jersey, from where it carries out “a large variety of early clinical studies,” according to its website.

The company is insisting that it followed “international best practice” when carrying out the human experimentation. This is a disturbing, sad event that hopefully isn’t simply overlooked. Someone is brain dead, others are not in good shape. It is amazing how these pharmaceutical companies can just act without regard for human life. One day I sure hope we take a stand against this…

image credit: pixabay