Free-Range Kids: No Medicine, No School Routine, No Bed-Time Ask For Donations


According to their My Travel Story funding page, Matt and Adele Allen have had it with “the system,” as they call it, and are asking for help in relocating. The family wants to relocate to a plot of land in Costa Rica. The reason? They believe in “free range parenting” and claim the modern system is an uphill battle.

The Allen’s don’t impose what they term “rigid bedtimes.” Instead, they claim, their kids know exactly when they should sleep. The kids are responsible for telling them when they want to stop breastfeeding, as a byproduct, their 5-year old remains a feeder. They refuse modern medicine, vaccines included, using lemon water for colds and breast milk for eye infections. They want their children to “discover nature,” as they term it. They homeschool.

They also desire money. And a LOT OF IT. Try 100k in Euros. This is what they claim it will cost to relocate to this plot of land.