Parents Opting For Controversial ‘Free Birthing’ Movement Linked To Hospital Distrust


Got questions about the safety of vaccines? You are, in the eyes of the system, an anti-vaxxer. Once you’ve been given your anti-vaxxer government identification card and had a code tattooed on your wrist, you begin a quick process of losing rights. Doctors and nurses refuse to treat you the same. Your pediatrician turns your child’s health information over to health officials.

Vaccines aren’t the only trigger, however, that will cause you to be subjugated by the system. Questioning Vitamin K shots or speaking out against a C-Section or opting out of painkillers during the labor process, or even just saying you plan to raise your children on a processed food free (Paleo) diet can cause you grief.

Want a C-Section or want a vaccine? Your choice. But opting out should, likewise, be your choice.


The ‘Free Birthing” movement is a rapidly growing movement that has officials in Australia frightened. And maybe they should be frightened? When it comes to childbirth, modern medicine has made some amazing advances over the past 200 years. At one point, less children and less mothers endured loss thanks to those advances. But over the years, greed and profit have replaced ingenuity and precision. And that has many moms and dads frightened to the point that they don’t even want them around throughout the process, including when the birth the baby.

Can you really blame them?

An Article in the Daily Telegraph shows exactly the type of bullying that many pregnant couples endure. The article is a reaction to the free birthing movement. Check out the tone of the response.

Think the anti-vaccination, anti-fluoride, paleo-obsessed, “Big Pharma” sceptics who think they are better qualified than medical experts and wish to take humankind back to the Middle Ages.

These are the very same people who refer to emergency caesarians as “birth rape”.

When I challenged one woman I know about her desire to have a free birth, questioning what would happen if something went wrong, she assured me that she had “watched a lot of YouTube videos.”

Rather than commenting on one singular issue (free birthing), the anger of this writer exposes exactly what all parents must endure. If you divert even slightly away from the pharma plan, you are somehow a lunatic connected to every possible anti-pharma, anti-medicine scenario that exists. How is feeding your child a paleo diet connected to birthing a child without a doctor? It’s not. But the convenience of the argument is used to bully moms and dads from every angle. In this case, a mom who doesn’t want to allow her infant exposure to fluoride is also, by behavior, an anti-vaxxer.

The free birthing movement is a reaction to distrust. Parents commonly complain that their children are given a Vitamin K and Hep B shot even when they requested that NOT happen. These stories are exposing the truth about the new modern medicine’s agenda. If health officials are looking to blame the rise in free birthing on anything, they should look no further than themselves.