Former Universal NBC Executive Slams Vaccines & Obama


Bob Wright ran NBC Universal for over 20 years. After his first grandchild had been diagnosed with autism in 2004, Wright started the website, Autism Speaks. Now Wright has written a book titled, The Wright Stuff: From NBC to Autism Speaks.
In his book, Wright argues that both President Obama’s White House as well as George Bush’s White House both killed key legislation which would have improved vaccine safety. In Obama’s case, it was one of his key advisors, Valerie Jarrett, who killed a vaccine safety bill.
Wright is now convinced that the CDC is influenced too strongly by pharmaceutical companies and that radical change is needed to make vaccines safer. He also believes that the CDC is essentially ineffective when it comes to vaccine safety.
Pharmaceutical companies operate under immunity. They shoulder no repercussions when it comes to vaccine injuries due to the Government’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. In this case, if you have a child injured by a vaccine, you can’t sue the pharmaceutical vaccine maker. Instead, you must deal with the federal government, and that can take years.
April is National Autism Awareness month. Last week, CNN interviewed Wright, citing passages in his book. This exchange is commenting on passages from Wright’s book regarding his grandchild stuck out to me.

INTERVIEWER: You say, “Right after he got the standard one-year vaccinations, he developed a very high fever and screamed for hours. Katie,” your daughter, “was so frightened she called her husband to come home from work and they put the baby in an ice bath to bring down the fever. When they called the doctor they were told the reaction was completely normal.”
WRIGHT: WRIGHT: And all vaccines essentially are the same, of the same type of vaccine, and the children are all different, and they have different immune systems. So their responses are going to be like this and pediatricians are too quick to say, oh, you fall in a normal category. Well, that normal category is like this wide, and that’s where vaccine safety comes in, and that’s an area I did spend a lot of time in trying to understand the CDC’s vaccine safety program.

And I can tell you conclusively in that one, that program can be significantly improved for very little money and we tried, and I tried with two administrations, the Bush administration, Obama administration and I failed to get it. It got stopped in the White House in both cases.


Pharmaceutical companies control so much of our government that we can’t even request improving vaccine safety.