Former CDC Director Sells Off Millions In Merck Stock


This shouldn’t raise any red flags for conflicts of interest whatsoever (sarcasm alert). Julie Gerberding was the Director of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) from 2002 to 2009. During this tenure, Gerberding approved Merck pharmaceutical drugs, specifically Gardasil. After assigning vaccine industry insiders to the CDC, she resigned in January of 2009. She was then placed as President of Merck’s Vaccine division. Either Gerberding had one heck of an employment head hunter working for her, or she had her hand in the “networking” pot a little too deep prior to leaving the CDC.

Merck is a monstrous vaccine company which pushes vaccines products through the FDA and CDC for approvals frequently. Gerberding would be the perfect candidate to lead Merck into the future we have today. Consider that she has now experience on both sides, she could easily figure out the quickest and easiest ways to get approvals for new vaccines. She recently sold just a touch over half her stock. This came to 38,368 of her shares in Merck stock valued at $2,340,064.3. I am assuming she did this after seeing the price of stone crabs at Whole Foods which can be around $30 a pound.

So what do we now know? What we’ve always known. Our own Government agencies which are supposed to help ensure our safety are merely corrupt extensions of the highest bidding corporations: and pharmaceutical companies are the best bribers in the modern world. This is as transparent of a conflict of interest as they come, yet no one even bats an eye at this disgusting behavior. If the government had any ethics whatsoever, it would launch a complete task force style investigations. We’d see emails and transcriptions, communications, and anything which could determine and define unethical actions on the part of Gerberding. Gerberding passed the Gardasil vaccine during her tenure, a vaccine which remains at the forefront of controversy due to being an injurious, unnecessary, for-profit product.


This is crony capitalism at its absolute finest. I’m disturbed as much as I am disgusted by this activity. Our country has no one that can be trusted working for the people, elected by the people. We’ve instead got self-serving scum that cares nothing about our own personal welfare. This woman is literally a millionaire many times over while many parents are hung up in “vaccine court” just trying to make ends meet while they take care of an injured child.