Fluoride Poisoning Continues To Devastate This Community


A couple of months back, we reported on millions being at risk due to fluoride and arsenic poisoning. Well, it appears the situation is only getting worse. This was posted back in December on India Times back in December.

The Minister said the government has prepared a “strategic plan” to cover 90 per cent of the rural population through piped water supply schemes by 2022.

“States have been advised to set up community water purification plants or provide safe drinking water through surface water-based piped supply schemes in all remaining arsenic and fluoride-affected habitations by March 2017,” he said.


This morning, Errabus.com is reporting that fluoride poisoning in India is getting worse by the day. This means millions of children at risk for skeletal damage, mental retardation and paraplegia.

It looks like drinking water problems in Telangana State are increasing day by day. The Areas that do not fall under the city water board’s network are depending on groundwater which is posing a fluoride risk. As per reports of research conducted by groundwater board Hyderabad stated that Rapid depletion of ground water levels in Hyderabad, resulting in bore wells being dug deeper and deeper, is posing a fluoride risk.

Even a 0.1 per cent higher than normal reading is not safe over a long period, state experts. High content of fluorides in drinking water are not only causing skeletal damages but it is also causing non-skeletal damages including infertility and mental disorders. According to health experts, 1ppm to 1.5ppm concentration of fluoride in water is the standard and recommended upper limit.


The water tables are flooded with fluoride meaning that the situation is going to be complicated to remedy. It always amazes me that people in the United States push to have this poison put into their children’s bodies via tap water, dental work and toothpaste. Fluoride is dangerous to humans and shouldn’t be infused into our natural water supplies. These children in India are almost certain to grow up with neurotoxic side-effects; it seems a bit inescapable at this juncture.

Honeywell water stations are being set up to counter the rampant fluoride poisoning, but the road is long. So far 25 stations have been created.

Built over the last year, these 25 safe water stations are located in Karimnagar, Adilabad, Warangal, Khammam, and Nalgonda districts, all in Telangana and serve about 94,000 people in areas that lack safe drinking water.

The Honeywell-Safe Water Network initiative addresses a critical need in the region that suffers groundwater contamination from high levels of fluoride. Water and sanitation-related illnesses account for 70-80 percent of diseases in this area, said a statement from SWN.

We need to hope and pray for these people and communities affected by such tragedy.

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