Flu Shot Linked to MASSIVE Spike In Deaths


This year’s flu shot was so atrociously bad that health officials are saying it contributed to a massive surge in deaths not seen since the 1960’s. Also, health officials are claiming it has lowered life expectancy for girls born in England and Wales this year by a whopping two months.
One reason given as explanation is due to the flu shot not even being close to the mark. This year’s flu, according to Public Health England, mutated dramatically, leaving the flu shot completely worthless (again). The dramatic numbers were posted on today’s The Telegraph

An extra 28,189 people died last year compared with 2014, the largest percentage increase since 1968. There were 16,415 excess deaths last winter, with flu likely to be a major explanatory factor compared to 577 the previous year.
The mutated strain, A(H3N2) was particularly lethal to the elderly, and the jab was found to work in just one in three adults, compared to the 50 per cent that it usually protects.

The flu shot arrives at the yearly party, once again, a failure which gives people a false sense of health security when in reality it simply doesn’t work. Pharmaceutical companies have been pushing flu shots this year harder than ever before due to flu shot skepticism being so high.
The second portion of this is the idea that the flu shot itself is the cause of the flu’s rise in the first place.


At the height of the crisis in the winter of 2015, GPs were urged to prescribe antiviral drugs to prevent cases in the most vulnerable, and in care homes where viruses are spreading.
As you can see, the flu shot’s failure (or it’s ignition of the flu) still results in a win for pharmaceuticals, seeing they filled in with the use of this year’s antiviral regimen. Most likely Relenza and Tamiflu.