Florida Moms WIN Recess Battle Against Schools…

Photo by plasticrevolver

For the past couple of years, moms of Florida school children have been waging a war against the system.

The war? To force Florida schools to let their children out to play. Wait, seriously? There’s a war against children going outside to play? The answer is yes. And its the schools that seem to be rigid in terms of not wanting it to happen. Because nothing could possibly be worse than children going outside to play.

According to 7 Miami:


Last year a similar bill was approved by the House but the Senate never considered it because a top senator opposed it.

A Senate analysis of the bill found 11 out of the state’s 67 school districts had an approved recess policy. But those districts varied in how much time was set aside for recess.

I can’t imagine what the possible gridlock here is. When I was a child, you went out to play for an hour a day. If it rained, we went to the gym. Kids today are more obese than ever, it would seem like a good idea to get them moving around. Monkey bars never hurt anyone.

Or don’t depend on schools at all and make your kids their own home playground and cut out the middle man!

Photo by plasticrevolver