Stop Drinking Fiji Water, It’s just Super Bad for You.

Photo by Mike Willis

Fiji water is of lower quality than tap water in Cleveland. It also doesn’t taste as good. But, the bottle is lovely and makes you feel like you are drinking water on a gorgeous island with natives. Only the reality is, you are drinking water that was manufactured in China and many people in Fiji struggle for access to clean water. So yes, a country where half the people don’t have access to safe drinking water have their water shipped to China, bottled in wasteful plastic, then shipped to America where it sells based on looking like the idea of a place which doesn’t exist. Do you get all of that?

Fiji, when tested against Cleveland’s tap water, showed it contained 6.31 micrograms of arsenic per liter. Cleveland’s tap contained none. That’s true, folks. The reason the test was performed was due to Fiji singling out the city of Cleveland, claiming of their bottled version of water, “the label says Fiji because it’s not bottled in Cleveland.” Cleveland got mad and proved that Fiji water stinks. How did Fiji respond? As arrogantly as you might expect them to have.

Fiji president Edward Cochran grew up near Cleveland. He said the ad was his idea and his hometown needs to lighten up.


“It is only a joke,” he said. “We had to pick some town.”

I have never understood the Fiji fandom. The bottle is a fraud. The water taste bad. Even if you enjoy bottled water, you have certainly realized at this point that the square bottle of the bottle doesn’t do well in your car’s cupholders. All the same, get a water filter and a reusable glass bottle. Bottled water is mostly crap and fraudulent, as well as an enormous tax on the environment.

The Story of Bottled Water is a great watch.

Photo by Mike Willis