Family Pays $70,000 For Rabies Shot After Bat Flies In Home

Photo by Alex Popovkin, Bahia, Brazil

The CDC apparently told an Atlanta family who had a bat fly into their home that they “may not have known if they were bitten by the bat,” and promptly recommended the entire family get rabies shots; for the grand total of $70,000. According to an article in the Miami Herald, the economics of the rabies shots needed came out to $14,000 each. And the mother, Karen Rigsbee, decided to follow the recommendations of the Georgia Poison Control.

“According to poison control, you may not have known if you’ve been bitten by a bat,” Rigsbee said.

The center offers counseling on exposure to potentially rabid animals, including bats, and treatment for bites from such animals.


The television station reports that the vaccine would cost $14,000 each.

Rigsbee’s son caught the bat in a fishing net, but let it go in the front yard. The bat continued to fly around throughout the day, which is a bad sign considering bats are nocturnal. It is suspected that the bat entered the Rigsbee home through the chimney.

“What we recommend is that every family member be treated with the vaccine. This is four shots over the course of a month, and this will offer protection,” said Dr. Gaylord Lopez with the Georgia Poison Center. “If someone develops rabies, it’s almost 100 percent fatal.”


Photo by Alex Popovkin, Bahia, Brazil