Fake Vaccines Distributed & Seemed To Work The Same As Real Ones

Craying little baby boy receive vaccine in office

I will be upfront with everyone here, I am not completely sure of all the details involved in this story (which is of course, part of the story). It would appear rather vitals aspects of the following story are missing. A large distribution network of fake / counterfeit vaccines was discovered in Jakarta, according to the Jakarta Post. Oddly, the story leaves out how many of the vaccines were actually injected into local children. Why?

The National Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim) uncovered a counterfeit vaccine syndicate in several areas of Bekasi and South Tangerang last week, where they arrested 13 suspects allegedly producing and distributing the fake vaccines. (rin)

The report tells us that the vaccines were created and distributed. Did this report intentionally skip over how many of these vaccines were actually used? What motive would there be to intentionally lapse on such seemingly pertinent information? Well, if chaotic outbreaks didn’t arise, that might tell you that placebo vaccines were just as effective as real ones. What about vaccine injury data? It would seem a whole lot of something was left out here and likely for reasons of convenience.


If they were to include that the vaccines were actually injected into children, they’d then have to answer the glaring and obvious question, which is, “why did they seemingly work?” If the vaccines were fake, but the children never got ill and no outbreaks were recorded, what explanation exist to justify such a thing?

Things that make us go hmmmm….