Newly Exposed Emails Reveal Chilling Truth About Media & Vaccines

Photo by david_shankbone
  • The Hollywood Reporter allows Pharma supporter, Paul Offit, column to review Vaxxed
  • THR agrees to print rebuttal then rescinds offer
  • How did Offit see the film? No screener links were given – did he see it in a theater? Did he get a screener from Tribeca or did he travel to NYC to see in theatre?
  • Janice Min, CCO of THR, takes credit for mandatory vaccine bill passing in California

On April 11th, The Hollywood Reporter allowed Dr. Paul Offit, a known vaccination supporter and a man previously exposed by CBS News as being on pharmaceutical’s payroll, to write a movie review for Vaxxed. The CBS News report attaches Offit to both  $1.5 million dollars and Merck, the pharmaceutical giant responsible for producing the MMR vaccine. Wakefield’s documentary, Vaxxed (under Cinema Libre Studios), investigates the CDC cover-up of a study showing that the MMR vaccine is linked to autism. With all that said, Offit would be the absolute worst person to review this film. Offit has never once reviewed a film in his life, The Hollywood Reporter’s opportunity would seem to be his first, convenient such opportunity.

But things get seriously worse: Truthkings has uncovered a series of email exchanges between a representative of Cinema Libre Studio’s PR company and The Hollywood Reporter (THR). The events are as follows:

On April 11th, 2016, The Hollywood Reporter publishes Offit’s critical review of Vaxxed. The team at Vaxxed immediately note extreme inconsistencies between Offit’s review and the actual contents of the movie, leading the team to question if Offit had ever even seen the movie. The Vaxxed PR team submits a rebuttal and a response (below) from The Hollywood Reporter’s Jon Frosch (Reviews Editor) indicates strongly that The Hollywood Reporter will run the rebuttal.


“We’ll plan on posting by tomorrow afternoon at the latest. Thanks!”

On April 21st, Frosch suddenly declines The Hollywood Reporter’s previous decision to run the story.

…,After careful consideration, we’ve decided to not publish the rebuttal you sent. We appreciate you submitting it. But many of these points have been aired elsewhere and have been discredited by prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals, leading news organizations, medical boards, courts of law, and other reputable sources. While you are entitled to argue your point of view as forcefully as possible, we can’t publish assertions that we believe to be untrue. Thanks for your time and understanding.


On April 22nd, a representative of Arlene Howard PR continues to plead with The Hollywood Reporter to print Andrew Wakefield’s rebuttal to Offit’s movie review of Vaxxed. Arlene Howard PR was recently hired by Vaxxed to represent their PR needs.

Why the sudden change and who were the outside influences? Cinema Libre Studio’s screener process involves a pretty intricate digital watermark system. We have verified that they’ve never sent Offit a screener, suggesting that it is possible he never even viewed the film. It should be noted that Tribeca could have sent Offit or THR a screener or he could have attended a theater showing, we have no way to verify this as of yet. We can only verify that Cinema Libre Studios didn’t send Offit or THR a screener and we can see from Offit’s review of the film that he seems to be disconnected from the narrative. That’s enough for us to suggest he potentially didn’t see it and merely reviewed it as a part of The Hollywood Reporter’s pro-pharmaceutical agenda.

Let’s explain a bit more: Janice Min is currently the Co-President and Chief Creative Officer of The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group, overseeing The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. And Min is not only a vaccine supporter but on June 30th, 2015, Min gave credit to her own publication, The Hollywood Reporter, for helping to pass mandatory vaccination in the state of California.

But it gets worse, as well as brings more clarity to the nefarious reasonings behind shutting down the Vaxxed rebuttal. In September of 2014, Min Tweets support for an WSJ article written by none other than Dr. Paul Offit. The extent of her relationship with Offit prior to THR running his review of Vaxxed is questionable, however it would seem she was a fan of his work and agenda.

Also in 2014, PRNewswire ran a piece noting The Hollywood Reporter won the 2015 ASME National Magazine Award for General Excellence. The article / PR was submitted BY The Hollywood Reporter (not unusual for PR sites to accept PR from the source, but it is incredibly biased all the same). The PR attributes their win, in some large part, to their coverage and influence of the anti-vaccination movement of 2014.

The Hollywood Reporter made waves with landmark entertainment coverage in 2014, including its investigative exposé on Los Angeles’ anti-vaccination trend, “Hollywood’s Vaccine Wars,” which The Atlantic featured as a must-read and which was widely cited by news outlets from The New York Times to the Wall Street Journal.

Essentially, as evidenced above, Min is a shill for both Offit and Pharma. She uses her editorial power and influence to subjugate information she doesn’t agree with (such as the Vaxxed rebuttal). She most likely works closely with Offit to further their own pro-vaccine agendas. This is the new state of our country.

We have obtained Dr. Wakefield’s rebuttal and we are placing it online now.