SUNBLOCK: ‘Excuse Me While I Lather My Children in This Toxic Death Cream’


This morning I found an article posted on ABC News. It’s a mother ranting about having too many rules, with a focus on sunscreen. I don’t think I’ve read a worse take on parenting in my life.

The article was originally posted on Sarah Kallies website (here). Kallies is the original author, she allowed ABC News to repost it in full.

Kallie’s rant stems from a recent report which listed a series of sunblock brands as being bad for kids. Coppertone and Banana Boat were among two of the popular brands listed. For many parents, this came as a shock followed by a major inconvenience. For some of us, we’ve never really bought into the sunscreen push so we weren’t surprised. Many mothers took the time to post a variety of mineral based sunscreens, but this apparently wasn’t enough for Kallies, who throughout her rants seems aggravated by yet another parenting inconvenience.


Kallies notes throughout the article that her “husband works long hours” and that she’s worn down trying to be a great mother and this seems to contribute with her aggravation of being told that putting toxic chemicals on her children’s skin is, well, toxic.

The night before we left I read an article about a study that had been done about the worst types of sunscreen to use on children and adults. Sure enough, the stuff I just bought a while back was number one and number two. Of course. Of course it is. Do I throw it out and waste the $30, which is no small sum for us? Then go out and buy the good stuff, the lotion made by tiny fairy angels who infuse it with love and eternal life, for the low low price of my left ovary? And, by the by, it’s only available in California, because that’s where the fairy angels live. Or do I go ahead and lather my children up in this toxic death cream because I obviously, according to this article, don’t care about them?

I hate life.

The astounding thing here is that everything she’s complaining about is the part that makes her a parent. Being a parent, in a nutshell, is essentially adapting and doing your best.

I am just sick and tired of all the rules. Rules about food. Rules about hygiene. Rules about clothing. Rules about schooling/education. Rules about development. Rules about medication. Rules about sleep methods/co-sleeping. Rules about playtime. Rules about friends. Rules about car seats. Rules about breast feeding. Rules about child wearing. Rules about television. Rules about the rules.

So now what, you are inconvenienced by car seats? You think your kids should watch TV all day? They shouldn’t get bathes? They should eat candy all day just so that YOU don’t have to be aggravated or annoyed while your husband is at a job? This is incredibly taxing to read.

What she fails to miss is that nothing about this is complicated. A report was posted, with sources, her only job as a mom was to ingest it, make a decision, and move on. If she feels the sources are correct, then throw the sunblock bottle away and rebuy one that doesn’t fall into this category. If you think the sources were crap, well then, lather away.

I never like to judge what another mom or dad goes through on a daily basis, but in this case, it is fairly obvious that this woman has judged the rest of us. If she thinks swapping out sunblock is a major drag, I really hope her children never develop any disabilities, disorders or any of the other abundance of difficult ailments which many other mothers endure all the time. I bet many mothers wish their most difficult portion of the day were deciding if a sunblock article is legit.

This entire read reeks of lazy parenting.