Entire School Closed Over Unvaccinated Child With Measles

Photo by Lieutenant Pol

A school in Nevada County, California has been shut down due to an unvaccinated child allegedly being diagnosed with measles. Nevada County is located just northeast of Sacramento and is considered to have a low vaccination rate (77%). The child’s school, Yuba City Charter School, has an even lower vaccination rate of 43%.  According to SFGate.com, the school will reopen on Wednesday, for everyone but the unvaccinated.

The school was expected to reopen Wednesday. But the Nevada County Public Health Department sent a message to parents that children who were not vaccinated will not be able to attend classes for at least two weeks to be sure they do not get not infected. These children should remain quarantined at home in the interim, officials said.

So essentially the school will open to just over half the children, leaving the rest behind for unsubstantiated reasonings.


All children who “potentially came into contact with the child” are being examined.

The fact is, Sacramento has a really low vaccination rate and areas with low vaccination rates tend to go the way of the overly dramatic storyline whenever they get the opportunity to do so. This helps to influence legislation and arouse fear in the locals. But the reality of the story is that one child got measles and is alive and well. The reactionary response should be interpreted as guided by misinformation and greed.

When almost have of your children aren’t vaccinated, you have to believe that parents have done their research. The ones who aren’t sheep are the ones who typically have to make the toughest decisions.

Homeschooling continues to sound like the better option.
Photo by Lieutenant Pol