Edward Snowden Feared Assassinated


Rumors are flying on the internet after a series of cryptic tweets were sent by Snowden. Some have suggested the code was the result of a “dead man’s switch”, a message set up to be automatically sent out if the account holder doesn’t check in after a certain time.  The code might be the key to an encrypted file already given out to journalists who have worked with him before. Now Express UK is reporting the possible death of the famous CIA whistleblower.

Snowden, the former CIA worker who eventually fled to Moscow after leaking top secret documents regarding excessive spying by the US government locally and worldwide in 2013. Now, conspiracy theorists believe Snowden may be dead after his Twitter account sent out two cryptic messages.

Snowden on Wednesday wrote on Twitter: “Did you work with me? Have we talked since 2013?


“Please recontact me securely.

“It’s time.”

Then a tweet containing 64 apparently random letters and numbers was sent from the 33-year-old’s Twitter account on Friday.

Both have since been deleted.



Others suggest that US agents have got to Snowden before he could release a new batch of documents he is said to be planning on releasing.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, how has worked with Snowden in the past, has assured people Snowden “is fine”.

However, Snowden has remained quiet since the cryptic tweets.

Photo by AK Rockefeller