Dr. Wakefield and Del Bigtree Speak Openly To RT.com Today! #Vaxxed


Finally, we get to see an open minded, civil discussion with the two men behind the movie Vaxxed. This interview is great, and oddly enough, only available thankfully to RT.com. If you are unaware of RT.com, it is actually Russia Today, which broadcasts around the world to different countries. Of course, that puts RT.com out of reach of the Big Pharma media brigade that Vaxxed experiences here in the USA.

The interviewer does an excellent job of allowing his guests to speak openly and to get their point across about the movie and the controversy surrounding it. You also get to hear Dr. Wakefield discuss his side of the story regarding his study and the retraction of it from The Lancet. Here is a link to Dr. Wakefield’s since retracted study.

The RT.com article on the controversy is located here. It is a refreshing discussion by a non-biased media source.