Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s Vaccine Message Is Strong ‘STOP VACCINATING’


People are getting sicker and sicker…and it is getting more and more difficult to help them recover. The norm in any medical practice has always been, “100% of what you do helps 80% of your patients.” It’s the puzzling 20% that keeps us going to conferences, looking for new/different solutions. But that rule doesn’t seem to apply anymore. It seems like 100% of what we do helps about 40-50% of patients. They have deeper disturbances, more complex issues. Their genes are beat up. Their livers don’t detoxify and their lymph/WBC/immune system is crippled and stagnant.

I point to vaccines first (babies get shot up before you eat) coupled with pesticides (not just glyphosate) and the tons of aluminum in our soil, water and air (from geo-engineering.) Of those, the ‘easiest’ thing to correct is STOP VACCINATING. PERIOD. NO HEDGING OR WAFFLING. EVER. AGAIN.

With all the evidence on MANY websites and FB pages; with all the published research papers DOCUMENTING the travesties caused by vaccines; (FYI:www.VaccineResearchLibrary.com now has >7000 articles, abstracts and links from mainstream medical journals); with all the documentaries such as BOUGHT, The Greater Good, VAXXED, and others; with the MANY books now, cataloging vaccine disasters…. If that’s not enough to say ENOUGH, what will it take to get there?


If the people here in this group – and others we know – CANNOT or WILL NOT stand up and BOLDLY declare “YES – We are against vaccines and THEY MUST END” – WHAT WILL IT TAKE??? We are willing to exchange chronic disease and possibly death to avoid a few days or weeks of inconvenience…?? A fever. A cough. A rash. Some Diarrhea – for most who have “vaccine-preventable” infections. And please stop calling these childhood illnesses “diseases.” They are a short-term infection – NOT a debilitating long-term disease.

How many more babies, kids and adults must be maimed or die from injections of these vile, contaminated solutions before we scrape the last bits of scales from our eyes and realize that this ENTIRE INDUSTRY is based on 200 years of lies, greed, political manipulation, human experimentation? What will it take for everyone here – and elsewhere – to STEP UP and BE BRAVE, as Del declared in his July 1 speech –

I challenged >3,000 chiros at CalJam each time I spoke there to BE BRAVE.
I challenged the Oregon Chiropractic Association to BE BRAVE.
I challenged the ChiroFest attendees to BE BRAVE
Every time I”m on the radio, I implore listeners to BE BRAVE/BE BOLD.

TPTB are so urgently trying to CONTAIN this erupting revolution that they are now trying to take away our first amendment rights, saying the “anti-vaccine talk” is nearly as harmful as shouting “fire” in a movie theater. They want to stop all vaccine conversations that are not singing praises for what is coming through that needle. http://www.jpe.ox.ac.uk/papers/going-viral-vaccines-free-speech-and-the-har…

What is everyone so afraid of? A label? Perhaps we need strategies for THAT: Overcoming the fear of retribution…..?

If we are not willing to stand up, to speak out….in an attempt to save the human genome, and the next generation of humans on the planet from utter annihilation, then why are we even bothering with all this interesting but toothless “chatter” about studies, etc?

We’re at the Y in the road. Take the Road Less Taken. Period.